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Then she mentioned an organised bus tour she had been on. Was this the type of travelling she had done previously? She suffers from a great deal of homesickness. Strange for someone who thinks they are well travelled and I found that hard to believe and relate to. Too much angst at times too. Tiana has difficulty reading maps. I have never understood what is difficult with looking at the street where you are and matching it up with lines on a map, then matching up the next intersection with a line that joins the first line.

But when I asked directions it turns out I was headed in the right direction, sans the map dry and safe in my pannier. And even after a full day of cycling I never suffered the tiredness Tiana and Trevor seemed to regularly suffer from. Tiana and Trevor are always crying poor. But they both worked and had months to save before they left for their holiday. Their airfare and much of their accommodation was paid for. I wondered how much she has travelled in Australia.

Not much colour then. I found the book an interesting read and I was pleased for their win.

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I too would have initially felt out of place in the splendour of the top hotels. But the writing could have been better and facts, figures, dates read as if they were taken straight from tourist brochures and off the internet. Worth a read though for the description of the hotels.

May 20, Jolanta Stephens rated it it was ok. I was really excited to read this book and it started off interesting. I loved reading about the lavish hotels and the authors funny attempts at trying to pull off this trip on a budget. But after awhile, the writing becomes very 'samey' and each hotel seems to have the same idea of 'lavishness'.

The cities begin to blur into one and whilst some are beautifully described, some are whispered over far too quickly, like a fleeting stop.

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The writing isn't descriptive enough that it is sometimes hard I was really excited to read this book and it started off interesting. The writing isn't descriptive enough that it is sometimes hard to imagine without a picture to support it. The authors feelings of inadequacy at not being rich and staying in these hotels gets a little tedious after awhile and all I can think is "quit whinging and enjoy your free five star hotels! Jun 25, Cara rated it it was amazing. An Australian couple wins the trip of a lifetime - to stay in a string of 5 star hotels around the world.

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The only problem is that there are lots of other expenses that aren't paid for. The couple has the hilarious adventure of staying in expensive hotels but having to live like backpackers in every other respect. A very interesting read.

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I was quite surprised by the author's constant need to fit in wherever she was, whether staying in a 5-star palace or in a 'regular' hotel. I was also a bit taken aback by her reactions and naivety sometimes, which were both unexpected in someone supposedly so well-travelled. Feb 03, Jess rated it liked it. Loved reading about all the places and hotels, some descriptions actually helped me pick places to visit for my upcoming overseas trip.

But I HATED her continual whinging in the first half of the book about how she was so embarrassed and felt out of place in the 5 star hotels. If I won an amazing trip like that I wouldn't complain about anything! Dec 07, Discoverylover rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Alkaline-kiwi. Shelves: books-read , a-good-read , interesting , travel , woman-author , would-have-been-read-in-underho. FutureCat gave me this at our meetup :D This was a great book! I really enjoyed all the descriptions of different places, and while I too wish the authors had figured out how to fit in a bit earlier, I'm glad they figured it out in time to have a good time for the rest of their amazing holiday.

I'm so jealous!! Jan 03, Kato rated it did not like it. Leuk verhaal en leuk gegeven maar beetje saai geschreven. Typisch zo'n boek van iemand die iets meemaakt en daar graag een boek over schrijft. Ik weet niet of ze ondertussen nog andere boeken geschreven heeft of niet, maar dit was alleszins haar eerste en hopelijk blijft het daarbij. Jan 10, Meeghan rated it liked it. No money Thought it would be more juicy than it was. Jan 28, Lisa rated it liked it.

I thought the author had an amazing opportunity spoiled only by her perceived need to fit in with the other half. Loved reading about the adventure though. Apr 23, Nikki Allis rated it it was amazing. Another absolutely fabulous travel book. Nov 06, Esna Swart rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Bijay Gurung rated it it was ok May 03, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Hippekipcindy rated it liked it Jan 22, Dutchy rated it liked it Sep 13, Alyssa rated it it was amazing May 11, Rowena rated it really liked it Jul 07, Louisa Luo rated it it was amazing Nov 20, Robb rated it liked it Jan 04, Mandy Seeger rated it really liked it May 11, Store Categories.

Store home. For Tiana Templeman, travel has always meant hiking boots and hostels, so when she wins a trip for two to stay at thirteen of the world's most exclusive five-star hotels, it sounds like the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to see how the other half lives. But with a travel budget stretched tighter than the straps on their bulging backpacks, Tiana and her man have no room for diamonds and designer clothing if they actually owned any in the first place.

From the Ritz in Paris to the Dorchester in London and the Peninsula in Hong Kong, Tiana is faced with questions of etiquette she never thought she'd have to answer: is it all right to cook instant noodles beside the Chanel toiletries in the bathroom?

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    Through fourteen countries, over five months and with countless hilarious and mortifying adventures, Tiana learns that in establishments catering for those with champagne tastes, when you're on a beer budget life can be harder than it looks. The premise for Absolutely Faking It is a twist on the "What would you do if you won the lottery? Author Tiana Templeman wins round-the-world air tickets and three-night stays in twelve of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

    The catch of course there's a catch is that aside from hotels and airfares, she and her photographer husband Trevor are on their own. They love to travel that's why they entered the contest in the first place but they usually travel on a tight budget. They bring their backpacks, stay in downscale hotels, and eat ramen noodles. They have a great time.