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The group formed in in Sydney, Australia originally consisting of members Mitch Connelly drums , Clay MacDonald bass, xylophone, recorder , and Mat McHugh lead vocals and lead guitars. Once he returned to Sydney he immediately started to construct demos for The Beautiful Girls. The group now a three piece promoted the album with live dates in Canada, the US, and Japan.

The band supported the EP with a tour of Australia and recruited the aid of Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Felipe Kmiecik. This release though darker and musically complex than their previous albums proved to be incredibly successful, reaching No. The album launched to No.

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The Beautiful Girls formed back in , and by , the guys had been on twelve world tours. That is an absolutely incredible achievement in such a short time, and allowed them to get exposure in Japan, USA, Canada, and so many more locations to gain a huge following. Mat McHugh leads and holds them together nicely, with great focus and conviction.

The band opened with In Love, which encouraged the audience to sing and dance along, and then worked through their albums, selecting the most popular songs from each. They played an extended version of Blackbird, which was awesome.

The band work together flawlessly and their hard work and practice is evident. There are no cracks in the seams, and they maintained their focus and enthusiasm throughout.

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Lin Miaoke was the darling of the Olympic opening ceremony, but it turns out she was lip-syncing. Games organizers confirm that Lin Miaoke, who performed "Ode to the Motherland" as China's flag was paraded Friday into Beijing's National Stadium, was not singing at all. Lin was lip-syncing to the sound of another girl, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was heard but not seen, apparently because she was deemed not cute enough. Lin Miaoke is excellent in those aspects.

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They're all very strict. When we rehearsed at the spot, there were several spectators from various divisions, especially leaders from the Politburo, who gave the opinion it must change. Few who watched the Olympic ceremony realized the deception. But as word has gotten out on the Internet, some Chinese bloggers are outraged.

Do you know you're twisting a whole generation? Another said, "If foreigners found out, they'd think we can't even find a girl who is good at both. As for Yang Peiyi, she's been quoted as saying she was honored to have had a role in the opening ceremony, even though few realized just how big her part really was.