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The Israelite king Omri had allied himself with the Phoenician cities of the coast, and his son Ahab was married to Jezebel , daughter of Ethbaal, king of Tyre and Sidon. Jezebel, with her Tyrian courtiers and a large contingent of pagan priests and prophets, propagated her native religion in a sanctuary built for Baal in the royal city of Samaria. This meant that the Israelites accepted Baal as well as Yahweh, putting Yahweh on a par with a nature-god whose supreme manifestations were the elements and biological fertility, celebrated often in an orgiastic cult.


Elijah was from Tishbe in Gilead. Later Elijah meets prophets of Baal in a contest of strength on Mount Carmel to determine which deity is the true God of Israel.

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Sacrifices are placed on an altar to Baal and one to Yahweh. The drought thereupon ends with the falling of rain. Elijah flees the wrath of the vengeful Jezebel by undertaking a pilgrimage to Mount Horeb Sinai , where he is at first disheartened in his struggle and then miraculously renewed.

In a further narrative, King Ahab has a man named Naboth condemned to death in order to gain possession of his vineyard. Elijah denounces Ahab for his crimes, asserting that all men are subject to the law of God and are therefore equals. The true question is whether Yahweh or Baal is God, simply and universally. The theme of the later prophets, that morality must be at the heart of ritual worship, is also taught by Elijah, who upholds the unity of law and religion against the despotic cruelty of a king influenced by a pagan wife.

Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Written By: Kevin Smyth. The quotes above are just terrible statements. I think part of the problem here is that that you seem to believe that both the God of Israel and the pagan deities of Baal and Ashtoreth have the same standing. They do not. The practices brought forth to the land of Israel with the introduction of these Phoenician deities were an abomination to the Lord, God of Israel.

The Story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel

It seems that one has to fool themselves to believe that Jezebel was some kind of champion for civil liberties. Nonsense really. Also, here is another example of the dirty broken lense through which you seem to look at this biblical narrative:. Except, from the text, it is clear that such is not the case here. For example why would the Deuteronomist belittle the prophet of God Elijah by portraying him as a fearful, cowardly man that flees for his life when threaten by Jezebel?

After all, he has just valiantly faced, defeated and put to death hundreds of her priests and priestesses. Shameful, really.

Bible Stories Explained: Elijah is Fed by Ravens (English: King James Version)

Well, it is only proper in to look at the Bible in a more objective way. That is, we should treat it as we treat every other work from that the ancient cultures. But on the other hand, it is clear Elijah was in no way better than her. For he too had many of his religious opponents killed, as soon as he got the chance to do so.

It is no more complicated than that, if you ask the person who wrote these stories down back in the day. Both should have been condemned equally for their transgressions. Vast percentage of women in the present generation have taken the path of Jezebel by the way of facial make-up, deception and seduction.

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Unbelievably blind statement. Of course the underprivileged often have no other choice, but how do well-to-do parents sleep at night when they prefer to work countless hours to buy a fancier house, car, clothes, toys, etc instead of spending more time and attention on their sons and daughters? Perhaps such infants and young children are not being physically burned to death, yet I would argue differently for the sake of their soul.

The story of the prophet Elijah, Jezebel and King Ahab

Jezebel can truly be seen as a child and woman of her upbringing…the Human race.. Jezebel truly loved her man…and her beliefs were true to her Own Heart…the bible says.. Thank you! Yes, even if she did some things, which sound terrible by modern standards, Jezebel has to be seen as a product of her upbringing. Judging her from our 21rst century mindset is not fair. And if you want to judge her from a 21rst century mindset, Elijah has to be judged too for his massacre of the Baal prophets.

Pagans and baby killers! Just like the Aztec and Maya! Get real will ya! Jezebel was evil just like many who have chosen to men and women! We could argue the bias of the writers in 1 kings or we can go by our modern less bias opinion.

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  4. We have no problem with a queen with a voice but Ahab was weak since he allowed her to kill. We would not look at her highly since she followed a religion that required human sacrifice.

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    Indo Europeans from groups like the alt right would use this to make a cause against not her but all such non indo europeans. In any culture their are norms and values to be taken heed of. So Jezebel and no right to come and pollute Gods people she should have repented and turned from her wicked ways and let Gods people worship their God.

    Who in their right minds would see any good in in sacrificial and molestation of infants and sexual immorality with animals. Thats demonic. So why do you expect her to follow your norms and values and your faith? I appreciate the realistic and sympathetic look at this woman. She is easily demonized by people who have been taught to hate her, instead of realizing that all religion is hearsay to outsiders.

    Jezebel was unfairly demonized by the propagandist Deuteronomistic source to push the centralization of the cult, like many people in the related books. Elijah committed many atrocities, yet people blindly accept that what he did was correct. Moral blinders are dangerous, even when reading your holy book. The author sounds like Jezebel herself trying to rationalize and justify fighting against YHVH as if it acceptable. What you have to understand is that Jezebel came from Ancient Phoenicia, where a different culture with a different religion was the norm.

    And she probably had no knowledge about YHVH or the laws of Israel, when she became the queen of her new country. Ahab should of course have made sure that she got lessons in these important matters, but he was too weak to demand this to happen. And this weakness was the start of a long process, where his whole family was killed off. And the fact that his family was killed off, including Jezebel and all their sons, gave all their opponents a chance to start a smear campaign against them, and to condemn Jezebel in particular.

    It is much easier for me to see this as a power struggle between two people, who both did awful things in the name of their two different religions.