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Or will the ability to feel for the first time be overshadowed by losing everything else she holds dear? WTF was that about? There was absolutely no world building, no character development, and no time between events to allow tension to build.

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There was no time between occurrences to rest or figure things out or get to know anyone. Not to stretch the analogy too far, but like bullets shot in such quantity, there was no need for accuracy. The idea seeming to be if the author sprayed enough ammo at the reader something would hit eventually. Now, there was quite a lot of humour in the book.

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Especially in the way the main group of characters ragged at each other. Nor was the fact that the strongest character was a gothtastic female side character. She saved everyones butt on numerous occasions and pretty much rocked my world. I really liked her, but my complaints still continued to pile up the longer I read. I probably would have been better off to DNF this one.

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But I hate doing that. They shook hands and fell to it. Seriously, 15 seconds, tops! They then instantly exchanged a lifetime of memories. I am just so excited to meet him! I am sure you have a lot of things you must have to do with the pack and getting things taken care of and in order.

So let me go ahead and get started. I have a few minutes to kill before Ember gets here. The minute you saw Ember what did you thinking before everything happened or did you have a chance to think anything? Meeting her literally knocked me on my ass. But my very first thought after seeing her beautiful face was…I am now the luckiest man in the world.

I wanna keep him! Okay it is a damn good thing that he can not read what is going on in my head. Damn it I can feel my face turning red time to get back on track! I mean it has to happen on a daily basis, you do own a mirror so you must know how hot you are! Everyone knows who my mate is. She is an alpha wolf…the little she-wolves wisely keep their distance. There is no way in hell I would live very long being in a pack with this man.

I would so do dirty things to him! Stay focused woman! Any sign of weakness and your pack loses faith in you. I guess staying calm in heated situations has become a survival instinct. I would love to hear what turns you on! I knew I should have had a drink that always loosens me up!

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Just when it was getting good too! Dang it why, why did he stop?? Ember growls at me every time I mention the possibility, she is going to take a little convincing. That kid stole my heart instantly! He earned my respect immediately. He is now my son and I love him deeply.

Ohhh that look he has in his eyes melts my heart I wonder if Dane knows how lucky he is to have the love that Collin has for him anyone can see he would do anything for that kid.

Before he gets to answer that question Ember walks in and over to him. The love they have for each other could never be questioned that is for sure. I can see it in both their eyes. And it makes me envious. I was asking him how he felt about you being in the position you are in now with your pack.

You might want to veer back over into your own lane girl. I have crazy road rage.


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And as dangerous as it probably is I kind of want to see how far I can push her. Her and I are looking at each other we both turn away when we hear Collin clear his throat. The whole being able to know what each other is thinking how handy is that during sex?

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I look up and Collin now has an eyebrow raised almost like he is amused over the little display of jealousy Ember is emitting. It was nice meeting you Collin, as well as getting the opportunity to say hello to you Ember. I stand from my seat and make my way to where they are standing next to each other. Ember puts her hand out and I know I want to hug Collin before I leave so I just reach out and hug her, I figure she cant get too upset since I am hugging her also.

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I release her and immediately wrap my arms around Collin before she can object and cannot help the moan that escapes from me. He smells so damn good! I know she is going to want to kill me but this is worth it! I reluctantly let go of Collin, I cant help but smile though. I would so have fun hangin out with her! I wave bye to them but when I turn to walk out I run into a hard chest.