Financial Planning Demystified

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Description of this Book New York Times financial columnist Paul Lim makes it easy for you to plan for a secure financial future. This preview is indicative only.

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Financial Planning Demystified

Internationally Sourced. In your basket. In the stock market crash of , though Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds Balanced Funds gave positive returns, the average category return was only 3. In the same year, Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds on average gave 5. You can see that the risk return characteristics of these two types of Hybrid Funds are therefore very different.

Investors should know that, Balanced Funds especially Equity Oriented are not safe investments.

In investment parlance, the term safe can have different connotations for different investors. For some investors, the term safe means no risk of loss while for others it is more subjective and can imply limited losses. Investors should know that, any investment which has a significant equity component cannot be safe. Balanced funds can make losses in bear markets, however the losses will be limited compared to purely equity funds. The chart below shows the average annual returns of Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds Balanced Funds versus one of the riskiest fund category i.

In bear markets you should be prepared to see losses in your Balanced Funds. Balanced Funds are by no means safe, but as you can see in the chart above, the losses in bad years are significantly lower from those in midcap funds. You can see that, Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds on average gave negative returns only in In returns were positive, but lower than risk free rate. In other years, Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds gave more than risk free returns.

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Comparing the returns of Equity Oriented and Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds in different market conditions we can infer that, Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds have much lower risks compared Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds, but the longer term returns are also lower. The notion of risk should always be relative and always should go hand in hand with expected returns. You should select between Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds and Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds based on what is more important to you — reducing the risk of losses or getting higher returns.

Whether you want regular income or capital appreciation should also be a consideration. Volatility reduces predictability of income and therefore, Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds are more suitable for the purpose of getting regular income , while Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds are suitable for capital appreciation. We will discuss other aspects of Balanced Funds investment in our next post. Stay tuned……. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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Picture courtesy - GrpahicStock. Balanced Funds are not Balanced By balanced we usually mean equal weights on either side. Risk of different Balanced Funds can vary widely In my opinion, one of the biggest issues in the mutual fund industry in India is the lack of standardization in product nomenclatures and descriptions.

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The asset allocation can vary within a range e. If the fund manager will increase the equity exposure to higher end of the asset allocation range if he or she is bullish on equity and reduce the equity exposure to lower end of the asset allocation range if he or she is bearish on equity.

However, some equity oriented hybrid funds may have more moderate risk profiles depending on active equity exposure we will discuss in more details later. These funds are taxed like Equity Funds. Long term capital gains investment held for more than 1 year are tax free. Dividends paid by Equity Oriented Hybrid Funds are tax free. As discussed earlier, in mutual fund industry parlance, these funds are called Balanced Funds.

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There are broadly two types of Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds. Investors should note that, Debt Oriented Hybrid funds are taxed like debt funds. Multimedia Demystified The Demystified Series. Minitab Demystified The Demystified Series. History Demystified The Demystified Series. Philosophy Demystified The Demystified Series.

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