Learn To Write Creatively In A Weekend Course Three: Synesthesia

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I compost all my food waste and now, rather than making eco bricks, I make mixing palettes by ironing all my un recyclable plastic flat this activity is not quick! Secondly, as I briefly mentioned above, I have a new book to write and obviously that is not possible until the cooker is completely cleaned, the top of the cupboards are divested of hidden grease, the stairs and stair walls are scrubbed, the bathroom is sparkling and the cupboard under the sink looks like something out of a Kinfolk photoshoot….

The weekend before last I prepared a special workshop for a lovely client, Marie , from Sweden.

See a Problem?

It was a workshop to focus the senses; taking the time to connect with everything around us, listening, smelling and tasting. My workshops used to be much more about doing ; creating flat lays and flower arrangements etc. Creativity always needs time to ferment.

I want to reassure everyone that experiments, however basic or complex, have massive creative worth and that there is no proper way to any of them.

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Later on we also had a warm, fresh banana cake. After lunch we went for a woodland walk and it was very obvious after our morning session that we were hearing so many more sounds than usual, smelling far more of our natural surroundings and generally taking everything in, in a much more conscious, slower and meaningful way. The images below show a selection of experiments from the morning and our afternoon walk.

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Most of was totally consumed with the writing of it and then the subsequent promoting of it: I ploughed all my focus and energy into those directions because, apart from anything else, this was the only book I was ever going to write. I wanted to explode the myth that creativity is just for the arty. And so I wrote a book because I was asked to about personal creativity; how to connect to and value your ideas, instincts and senses. How to accept getting things wrong, how to experiment and how to experience the world in ways which feed your creativity and secure your foundations.

I have had plenty of ambitions in many different areas, but not in writing. With writing you have to open the computer, distance yourself from distraction, and go off into some other world. This year, copious amounts of photographs still lurk uncategorised, my computer and iphone storage is bulging at its Apple core, and yet I have been defiantly ignoring everything that needs to be done to fix it all….

These sorts of investigations, difficult as they often are to face, have the potential to ripen and develop into wonderful personal projects. The words which I had to tippitey-tap out on the computer were an inconvenience to overcome in order to get people doing stuff. Working out the words gets in the way of how I feel and getting in the way of the shapes I want to express. I have to conjure words in my head and arrange them on this screen, rather than mixing paints on a palette and daubing un-interpretable marks on a canvas.

To share my thoughts with you I must converse in this universal, wordy way. Do I have a point? In tandem with my online class students, I will go out myself and do lots of the homework exercises I set because I like to be able to talk about fresh and personal experiences in my Live sessions. I also genuinely love doing them; it feels like a treat and I often feel completely inspired afterwards. I also tell people that the exercises in my book are there to help you grow in any discipline across the board, not just painting and photography.

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So why then I am I so reticent to acknowledge my writing nb. It is currently in its 5th printing. Would writing about this make for an interesting essay? Good luck!

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You have hit the nail on the head! Her father is a commercial pilot and I am a stay at home mom, which translates — enough money and a lot of attention. It sucks in regards to college essays, but if this is, so far, the main hardship in her life, she should consider herself lucky. Yes, she will figure it out! I would advise having her read more posts on my blog to learn how to find everyday topics to write about and learn more about how to write these essays.

You do not need to be a super student to write a great essay. Look for the everyday experiences! I would advise reading more of my posts on how to do this. Also, my books are super helpful, too. Your email address will not be published.

As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from around the world on these dreaded essays! Learn about my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and online courses, Facebook Twitter. Okay, so this is a bit of hyperbole on my part. All students have plenty to write about for their college application essays. Also, she was captain of the robotics team, the chess club and some type of other academic team.

She also participated in three varsity sports. Where did she want to go to college? Sure sounds like this girl could have her pick of colleges, right? Good luck with that!

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Acceptance rates at the prestige schools are at all-time lows. With everyone at the top of the heap, the focus often turns to their college application essays. They are too busy doing the same things. Team sports, band, drama, clubs, and internships. Model United Nations. Summer camp. Mission trips.

Robotic competitions. And mostly…studying. Summer jobs. Working part-time during school. Even hourly work. Or a student has to find a way to get his lawn mower to job sites without a car. Many of these students are distressed when we start brainstorming an essay topic. They pause. Think some more.

Oh yea. How sad is this?? Perfect life. Nothing happens.