Letters From Oregon Boys in France 1917-1918

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Vladimir Lenin

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WWI Centennial: Last Christmas At War | Mental Floss

Navy Cruise Books, U. Navy Muster Rolls, U. Navy Pensions Index, U. Navy Support Books, , U. Veterans' Gravesites, ca. War Bounty Land Warrants, U. War and Conflict Images, U. Naval Service, U. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, U. Following is a list of those appearing before the Examining Board and have had their claims for exemption passed upon. Until his name has been actually posted by his local examination board as called up for physical examination, any man subject to draft is free to enlist as a volunteer in the army or navy of the United States.

Much misunderstanding has arisen on this point, but the foregoing statement may be taken as official and correct. After a man has been notified to appear for physical examination he is subject to the military authority and can no longer enlist as a volunteer. But until that time there is no restriction against voluntary enlistment on his part. Of this number, six claimed exemption because of dependents, these are numbers 63, 64, 67, 69, 80 and 86; two were aliens, Nos. The names of these men can be found by referring to the list on the first page.

The Union Pacific System is now issuing a folder map of the United States showing cantonment camps, aereo camps, presidios, forts and all other forms of military organization, giving exact locations and other valuable data as to their establishment and nature. These folders will be for free distribution and may be obtained by addressing Mr. McCoy has enlisted in the aviation corps of the United States army, with station temporarily at San Diego.

McCoy accompanied him as far as Portland, where the enlistment papers were completed. Since the above was in type, Mr. McCoy has returned, his enlistment having been held up at Vancouver, though he was passed at Portland. Shaw, V. His commission dates from July Crowder, pastor of the M. He reports witnessing the landing of a returning contingent of wounded Canadian soldiers from the battle fronts of Europe, by hospital ships via the Panama canal.

Officers of the Moro Red Cross Auxiliary are in receipt of a communication advising them that a supply of knitting yarn will shortly be supplied them for making sweaters, socks, etc. Names of officers and enlisted men from Oregon who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces during the World War:. Members are invited to report for work.


Forrester Kent 1 George H. Ramos Wasco 20 75 Stacy A. Schassen Kent 38 Murvil S. Stone Moody 39 James O. Blagg Grass Valley 44 I. Sproul Kent 60 25 William H. Dingle Rufus 61 Eyra R.

Curfman Kent 62 William D. Fuller Moro 98 James D. Oviatt Klondike Ralph W. Monroe Kent Dell E. Cox Grass Valley Joseph F. Brown Kent Grover C. Douma Moro Carl B. Happold Klondike Will M. Christianson Monkland Frank E. Palmer Biggs Louie E. Barnet Kent 8- Claud E. Wasco Ove T. Hansen Kent Elner M. Ruggles Moro 73 Verne J. Lebleu Grass Valley Albin F. Blackburne Rufus Oliver E. McKean, Chairman K. McPherson, Clerk Following is a list of those appearing before the Examining Board and have had their claims for exemption passed upon.

Hanson Kent Failed physical examination 3 Oscar H. Adams Kent Failed physical examination 4 Gilbert T. Benefiel Klondike Claimed no exemption 23 Lucius R. Driscoll Wasco Failed physical examination 33 James F. Smith Wasco Did not appear 35 Marion A.

American Army Forces In France (1917-1918)