Mass Explosion: Blast Through Your Training Plateaus!

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In one year Wes totaled pounds with a world record pound squat, a pound bench, and deadlift. Nowadays, Wes has made a pound squat, a pound bench press, and a deadlift. His total now is , second only to Oleksandr Kutcher from the Ukraine. The key for Wes was to add three-week pendulum waves on Fridays at 50, 55 and 60 percent for 25 total squats and 25 total deadlifts.

It was with 25 percent band tension. Eighty percent of his training is made up of small special exercises to raise his weak muscle group. Now that Wes has found his weakness, he works on his speed continuously along with his flexibility. Special strength plays a great role in strength training, but it is important to know what you need and, more important, to train it.

In his first meet he did not know what lift was first. I could not believe anyone could not know how a power meet was run. Well, Fusdog made an elite total at his very first meet. He caught on fast. All three lifts began going up, but his bench was really moving up fast. Dave Barno, a power house pounder was lifting. Dave is gone now, but he was a good friend. He hit his head hard on the floor. I ran over to help him up once he came to. It was really funny at the time … back to York. It came down to the deadlift and Dave could pull well into the eight hundreds.

Dave or his helpers did not realize we made the change and he was left to make a personal record. He missed. Dave may be gone, but not forgotten.

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This was good experience for Fusdog. The next meet was a money bench press meet in Daytona where all the great benchers would compete. A young Ryan Kennelly was at the meet to compete against Fusdog and later told me he thought he could psych out our lifters. But they could not be psyched out. Ryan bombed out and Fusdog broke the pound world record for his first world record. He had to retire early due to personal obligations and Ryan went on to become one of the greatest—if not the greatest—bench presser of all time breaking all-time world records and ending with a mind-blowing For the squat, the proven method of two strength cycles lasting two weeks was done and two circa max cycles were done in a yearly plan.

The first strength speed cycle A. Week 1 they used x3 sets of two reps. Jake was somewhat faster. Week 2 they maxed out with Jake making pound band and pound weight that equaled at top. On circa max, Jake made pound bar weight and pound band tension that equaled pounds at the top. At the meet Jake made an pound meet personal record.

At the meet A. The four workouts during the year raised A.

7 Ways To Bust Any Plateau

The combination of bands and bar weight must be calculated correctly to produce world records. You must know what to work on to improve. Remember, it does no good to be strong in the wrong exercise. Most new to Westside are now accustomed to the high volume at Westside on speed strength days.


Twenty-five squats and 25 deadlifts can add up to 23, pounds of squats and at least 15, pounds of deadlifts for a pound squat. Plus, 80 percent of the training is on small special exercises. If you want to be a real champion, you must be able to handle larger and larger volumes throughout the multi-year training. But not only larger and larger volume, you also must correctly select the current special exercise.


This requires many workouts a week, not just four. And what about your mental approach?

The author was instructed to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull , a spiritual self-help book about a seagull who wanted to fly as fast as possible. He was looked down upon from the elder seagulls for flying fast was not the job a seagull was intended to do. They kicked Jonathan out of the flock for good.

Now, however, he could try to break his speed records whenever he wanted to. But soon he thought there must be limits to how fast a seagull could fly. One day on the beach Jonathan saw a silver seagull about yards away.

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Fitness expert and integrative performance coach Jini Cicero, CSCS, teaches intermediate exercisers how to blast through plateaus to create incredible transformations. The goal here is to overload the muscular system. What the means is as you fatigue, your 1 RM drops naturally. I also find it highlights then pretty much obliterates weak points in your lifts.

Breaking Training Plateaus

Your weak point in the movement will always be the limiting factor in your training. That means using.

This is an incredibly powerful concept that results in major strength gains, once you recover from this training. I like to compare it to putting on a pair of tight jeans. You squat down…Your quads expand and push against the jeans and stretch them out a little. If you want to expand them a bit more, you squat up and down a bit more. Based on my experience and research, I believe you CAN stretch your fascia. I also believe the fascial expansion that happens over time with training is the driving mechanism behind muscle memory.

First, you dramatically reduced your eating and your training was targeted for fat loss.

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This set your body up for the Slingshot Effect where you then overloaded your body with calories, nutrients and training volume. Your body has responded by grabbing and storing LARGE amounts of nutrients in the form of glycogen and protein muscle tissue and is also holding plenty of water within the muscles. And yes, fascia is extremely tough tissue…which is why the stretch-focused training you use here must also be on the extreme side. A half-hearted static stretch at the end of your workout is not going to cut it. THAT is the missing link…simply filling the muscle up with blood and using a strong static stretch is good.

Fill the muscle up with blood then stretch it HARD. Little by little, your fascia will expand and give your muscles the room they need to grow. It literally ATTACKS your body on every front, using advanced strategies that build on each other, with each phase setting up the next for maximum results. Name required. Email will not be published required. I tried the link for the muscle explosion program but it is only a video and nothing about buying the program with the special discount?? This report completely rips away the BS, and gives 10 easy to implement tactics you can employ immediately to start getting shredded and gaining lean muscle mass.

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