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I am very proud of all of their team work and individual growth. Suess book and spoke about the importance of reading every day. Lots of fun was had by both the students and parents that attended. Some of the students favourite books they brought in included:. And many more great books. Looking for some great family ideas to spend time together.

Why not go along to the Humans of Geelong Expo on October 8, the day before school starts again so it easy to remember. They all had an amazing time taking part in lots of organised activities.

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There will be transport provided to those that require transport, healthy dinner will be provided on the night for each young person attending. Then Friday we had a Book Week Parade and saw some amazing outfits that matched a book the children had been reading. It was fantastic to see even the teachers dressed up!!!

The end of August has been a very busy time for our communty. We have enjoyed some wondeful learning opportunities during book week and science week.

We have had another wonderful fortnight of Before and After school care activities and experiences. The children also cooked delicious apple and cinnamon muffins this week and demonstrated growth in their teamwork skills throughout the experience. Not having basic literacy resources like books is a significant barrier for children in these communities.

In the coming weeks, we will be raising funds to provide Literacy Packs to Indigenous children. Our not for profit organisation, the Camp Australia Foundation tax will match every dollar raised. Next week the children attending OSHC will take part in awareness raising activities about indigenous culture. Please help us to support disadvantaged Indigenous children. The Challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 8 September All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and can choose to have their name included on the online Honour Roll.

Currently There are childcare vacancies for all age groups. The centre is open to all of the community so please spread the word.

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Children are provided with morning tea lunch and afternoon tea, as well as a play based educational program. Our fees are competitive and we offer small group sizes in a natural and homely environment. The audience at both performances were moved by the soulful, serene acoustic stylings of Dylan B, Chloe H, Cassie M and Kimmy P, who performed original arrangements of well-known ballads that pulled at the heartstrings.

The audience at the GSMMF were jumping and screaming, and the boys were thrilled to be approached by a budding music manager after the gig looking to represent them. Here are some very important reminders:. Our year 10s are learning how to use this technique and creating some very colorful t-shirts in Textiles.

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There will be a free BBQ on the day for everyone to enjoy, as well as activities such as positive pathways chalk messages , and presentations by speakers from organizations such as Headspace. Heads up ambassadors have been doing a fantastic job running fun recess activities.

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Many students have been enjoying playing ball games, participating in arts and crafts and board games. Heads up ambassadors conduct yard support every recess, this is where they encourage students in the yard who follow our CORE values. Well done to all the heads up ambassadors! Business's at work next Wednesday include: craft stalls, high tea, slime stalls, art work stalls, useful origami and lots more. The students have been working very hard on planning and preparing their business in preparation for Market Day.

We went on a Safari Bus tour and saw so many big animals like giraffes, rhinoceros, zebras, antelopes and hippos. It was really fun exploring habitats for signs of life. We searched for tracks and marks on trees and leaves to find out if anything was living in that space. Meeting the turtles was pretty fun. They moved so slowly and at their top speed they were still quite slow.

One of our favourite animals to watch for a long time were the meerkats! They were so funny and there were a few play fighting! The cheetahs were hard to spot but were very interesting to watch as they prowled around. We had a great time! This week Mr. Everyone had the opportunity to experience how much effort it takes to record and produce a song. Thanks Mr. D for showing us Golden goose, Mike and the fairy trampoline.

Year 6 students spent a day at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds as potential future University students. Students experienced the profession of Occupational Therapy and Engineering. We ate lamingtons, pavlova, Vegemite sandwiches, Anzac biscuits, pumpkin scones and Minties. This term in Indonesian the students have been learning colour words.

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We have also played modified versions of Eye Spy and Mastermind. To celebrate Book Week the Community had lots of opportunity to read independently throughout the week. Malo e lelei! We learnt about the islands: their geography, their people, their culture and some of their history.

Themed Months

We used that knowledge to add a flavour of Pasefika to our foods and products which we sold on the day. We also created some fables for children. A welcome sign invited you in and as you walked in your eyes feasted on a kaleidoscope of colour from the brightly material wrapped posts to the rich, warm shades of Pacific Islands displayed on walls, exuding sunshine, lush growth, waving palm trees and calm, blue oceans.

Around the room sprinkled like shredded coconut; radiantly decorative and inviting were stalls with wares.

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Wafting on the air was the savoury smells of food so delicious you could taste them. On the right, within touching distance of the door were the representatives of the Solomon Islands: Alethea and Jakob. They were selling pop corn and chocolate and coconut brownies. In the corner, Stevie sings as Dylan plays the acoustic guitar and Craig plays base. He was selling chocolate freckles. In between the stalls are shelves that display products made in the Pacific: a wild boar tooth from Papua New Guinea, two Maori prints from New Zealand, a Fijian mask, a Samoan weapon and a statue of an orator; to name a few.

Also exhibited were the Samoan fine mat, the Tongan siapo and the Fijian tapa: all of which are of cultural significance. As we look to the left from the front entrance we are met with a vision of Michael in action stirring his fried rice under the banner of Palau.

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Further along is Taleena with her awesome banana cupcakes and tomato relish representing Fiji. Stationed in the far corner are the lovely ladies representing Samoa: Brooke, Caitlyn and Kelsea, with frangipani in their hair. They are selling chop suey, body scrub, lolly bags, cheese cake and truffles. Lastly, there is Faith helped by Felicity, selling balloon animals and banana slices.