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I would hang out with her and Ellar, the boy, and just try to pick up where they were at their age, what I felt they could do that year, and then work stories around all that.

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But pretty soon Lorelei was the sullen teenager who did not want to do it anymore. One chapter goes right into the next. He looks two years older. His hair looks different. It just flows from one thing into the next, kind of like a memory. The dynamic was such that I knew I was filming a period film even in the present tense. This whole film felt like that. It was like a memory, even though it was very much of-the-moment while we were shooting it. But for the most part we filmed a little bit every year, about three days a year. You know, like, the moment seizes us.

Neither does anybody else. You gotta hold on to that. How to just be in the moment?

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I can connect the dots to see how I got to here right now. It can only be lived forward but understood backward. Like in high school with Career Day. What do you want to be? A lawyer? A doctor? A teacher? What school do you go to? Who do you have kids with? I wanted to depict the way it hits a young person, how that unfolds.

Richard Linklater On The Collaborative Relationship Between Director And Actor

Ellar—and this is where the film and life overlap pretty thoroughly—he was a very contemplative, thoughtful young man. That was subject matter for the film. Not many people have their whole lives filmed, have this depiction of themselves maturing and going through awkward phases.

No one presents you the key. That was a realization I came to in my early twenties. But living life is much more complex than that. For me, this movie is about how you take that in as you mature. Who is ever ready for that?

Richard Linklater Returns to College

Watching Boyhood , I had this underlying tension that something dramatic or tragic was going to happen. But your films never have the big, dramatic movie moments. But when you think back, the essence of your life is the little stuff, the little things you remember. Plots are artificial. Does your life have a plot? It has characters.

There is a narrative. But plot?

David T. Johnson: Richard Linklater (Contemporary Film Directors)

Eh, no. Your ranch in Bastrop [Texas] basically burned down—six buildings burned down. Those are gone now.

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I was up on the World Trade Center about five months before September These will be here 3, years from now. This building is so massive. And to manifest it to the fullest of our abilities, I believe. Mind you, it was three months [of campaigning], and it was unabashedly a race, a competition, a campaign. Hey, I wanna give you a trophy. Or did you have a giggle? But you have to work for that. I fluctuate. And I usually get past it a lot more quickly when I try to have that giggle.

Things can get better. All of these emotions are choices in the buffet in front of us. A little anger with that politician who is pissing me off. Do you think hard work and having a dream is enough to succeed? You see it in sports a lot growing up. Innate ability means everything. You could be developing at a different rate than everyone around you. His first film in the new millennium was Waking Life , an absorbing example of rotoscoping animation, with a narrative structure similar to Slacker.

It was immediately followed by Tape , an intimate drama for three characters shot on digital camera. The technique of rotoscoping was revived in for a dark adaptation of Philip K. Johnson studies the plot organization, the tension between the plot time and real time Tape that takes place in real time vs. The Newton Boys which spans several years , the relationship between the past, the present and the future Before Sunrise and its sequel Before Sunset are perhaps most revealing in this respect , the spontaneity and elusiveness of time School of Rock among others , the nostalgia The Newton Boys or the boundaries between subjectivity and objectivity or sleep and wakefulness Waking Life.

The analyses of individual films are rigorous and well-written and together they make a compact whole. The volume also contains an extensive interview with the director, a detailed filmography, a bibliography and an index. Johnson Urbana, Chicago and Springfield, University of Illinois Press , pages interview with David Johnson is available here ; the book can be ordered here.