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You, as Starseed, are a crucial part of the evolution of the planet. It is your job to remember your truth as a being of light, to not be bogged down by the mire of this reality. More than simply beneficial to you, your remembering will help others remember as well. Ascension is awakening the full potential of human consciousness. For years you have been in the training stages of this shift of humanity.

It is often misunderstood and can even at times feel frightening or overwhelming.

The good news is darlin, if you are here now, reading these words, you have already shifted enough to make the leap. Starseeds have incarnated to ensure the smooth unfolding of Ascension. It is a complicated plan with many players guided by the Golden Elohim and the Legions of Light. A well orchestrated placement of souls and events has been set into play.

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It is your job to pursue the memories, to embody the wisdom and to be a living blessing to all you encounter. No complicated or burdensome tasks are required, simply your authentic light and presence with an open heart. But to be a creator of your reality, you must also embrace your origins.

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From where do you claim these powers and what makes you so special? The Starseed Activation session explores your galactic soul history, your galactic team, and helps you have the confidence to walk your unique path. Often you need just a lil bit of affirmation, a validation you are not crazy, but extraordinary! With this blazing light of your own truth, you are easier able to create a life of your own choosing. Rather than remaining a victim of circumstance or frustrated by the rules of society, the Starseed Activation will help you radiate above it, an influencer of the most illuminated, to make sincere changes for a better world.

A shaman works with the energies of the earth to bring healing to the client.

The Special Case

As Cosmic Shaman, Andye works with the galactic energies to bring healing at even higher frequency. Andye has spent her life dreaming with the stars and studying galactic and ancient civilizations. Once the pathways of shaman were intact, Andye began having direct communication with Cosmic Allies. She realized resolutely they are here among us and ready to assist humanity on the next quantum leap. Cosmic Shaman Healing draws from traditional methods—soul retrieval, extraction, plant and animal allies—and includes healing from the Angels, Galactic Federations of Light, Golden Elohim and benevolent galactic allies.

She is a restorer of the Light Codes and has been led to help people expand their fullest human potential. The Goddess Sheshat brought this session to Andye in In it a strict protocol and cosmic way station was created with committed guardians where the work can be carried out safely.

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It is her destiny and her most favorite of all the sessions. To witness you remember is a cherished gift and affirms her commitment to serve. This session is admittedly the most profound and least practical of the sessions. It will turn on many latent skills and make sense of things that have stumped you. The Starseed Activation is not the most beneficial if you need guidance in your life now or are having sincere issues which need attention. This session is intended as an activation for those souls already entrenched in your spiritual path, those who are ready to expand and explore more of the light available to you.

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StarSeed Activation It is your birthright to remember you are a Divine being, bigger than this life and body that you now temporarily inhabit. As human consciousness continues to expand, it is destined that you remember you are a child of the cosmos A galactic frequency made of stardust in a human body. The StarSeeds awakening has begun! What is a Starseed Activation?

Time to Activate, StarSeed. The Starseeds Awakening People are spontaneously remembering that existence is far grander than the earth alone.

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