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Food, transport, accommodation, and clothes cost much less than in the U. Retirees looking for a high quality of life at a low cost will not be disappointed.

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Of course, where you decide to settle will have a large impact on your monthly expenses. A view of the Amazon jungle from your balcony will be less expensive than looking out over the waves crashing onto the beach below. Walter Rhein, 43, is originally from Wisconsin but has been living in Peru on and off for the past 17 years. He first moved to the capital city, Lima, in , and lived there full-time for the next eight years. Now, he and his wife maintain residences in both the U.

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And then your healthcare is inexpensive. I use an inhaler…my Ventolin inhaler in the U. There was another one for asthma, the Advair disk. Lured by the rich culture, first-class healthcare, and low cost of living, an increasing number of expats are calling Thailand home.

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The country—taking third place—offers a wide range of great retirement options from vibrant towns and cities to laidback beach spots and highlands. A view of rice paddies from your balcony will be less expensive than looking out over the waves lapping the shore.

Established in , this club has been visited by kings and queens, consuls, and even the novelist William Somerset Maugham.

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Just recently, the Shangri-La Hotel has been hiring Michelin-ranked chefs to offer divine culinary meals at very affordable prices. The Bediks rent a two-bedroom apartment overlooking the gorgeous Han River, which runs right through the city. We could live much less expensively, but the view made me feel like I had to have this apartment.

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It would be way more than we could afford in the States. In St.

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Of course, your lifestyle will determine how much you really need to spend. If you are willing to buy locally produced groceries and household goods, eat and drink at restaurants where the locals go, and live a relatively simple lifestyle, you can significantly reduce your monthly budget.

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For the fourth year in a row, Cambodia takes the top prize in the Cost of Living category of the Annual Global Retirement Index, scoring full marks: out of Centrally located in the beating heart of Southeast Asia it is a country undergoing a renaissance thanks to 15 years boom in economic growth and tourism centered around the world-renowned temples of Angkor Wat. The Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Beijing were also named among the ten costliest cities for home buyers, ranked in fifth and ninth place respectively.

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Los Angeles and New York also made the top ten. London, named the eighth most expensive city for buying a home, was Europe's priciest city, according to CBRE.

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Potential buyers in the U. The cheapest cities for renting a property, meanwhile, were Bangkok, Istanbul and Montreal, although data was unavailable for five cities.

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