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Learn the full details of military pension eligibility at the VA website.

VA Loan eligibility

Housebound benefits increase your monthly pension figure if you are permanently disabled and limited to your immediate premises. While you may have already assessed your life insurance needs by now, be aware of the full breadth of coverage available to you. It is automatic for most active-duty servicemembers and for those who perform at least 12 periods of inactive training a year with the National Guard or Ready Reserve.

You can extend this coverage up to two years if you are totally disabled at separation. You can designate your beneficiaries or change your coverage by filing SGLV Totally disabled Veterans are eligible for free coverage and have the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance. You can file VA to determine if this coverage is for you. A visit to the VA website will help you determine your veteran insurance options and eligibility. If you sustain or aggravate an injury or disease during active service, you may be entitled to tax-free disability compensation. This may include either physical or mental health issues, as well as related or secondary issues that are discovered after your discharge.

If your spouse or parent died on active duty or active or inactive duty for training, you may qualify for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation DIC. There is also an income-based DIC for Parents. A disability may also qualify you for a higher, tax-free Special Monthly Compensation for special assistance if you are housebound or have trouble performing daily living functions on your own. Apply for disability compensation by securing an eBenefits account.

Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of a VA Loan

The Geriatrics and Extended Care Services GEC helps address multiple chronic conditions, life-limiting illness, and frailty or disability associated with chronic disease, aging or injury. While you may first think of nursing homes and other residential settings like assisted living and community residential care, the GEC also assists veterans aging in place at home.

It offers home- and community-based services ranging from home-based primary care and home health aide care to daily health care, palliative care, respite care, hospice care, Telehealth care and even veteran-directed care. Be sure to visit Long Term Services and Supports LTSS for the most comprehensive layout of resources available to you and to get funding information on paying for long-term care and locating specific care-related services and resources. Many veterans are already aware of their burial benefits.

The headstone, marker, burial flag, and certificate are also cost-free to the veterans but not spouses or dependents buried in private cemeteries. Discover the full spectrum of veteran benefits that apply to you at the VA website. And age-related resources can be used for much more than simply planning future care.

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Visit www. Alcohol abuse among seniors in the United States may be a bigger problem than you think. Educate yourself and find out how it can be treated. The average turn time to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility is days unless it is available for download from the VA web portal.

Veteran DD Form — required to have a copy showing the character of service item 24 and the narrative reason for separation item Current or former National Guard or Reserve member who has been activated Federal active service Active Duty Servicemember A current statement of service:. PMC States.

There are many benefits of obtaining a VA loan as opposed to other financing types. Some of those benefits are:. The VA Maximum loan amounts follow the loan limits set forth by this calculation and are based on location. There is no down payment requirement when requesting up to the maximum loan limits in your location. The Funding Fee percentage varies based on several factors which are shown below. PrimeLending is proud of our Veterans and Active Duty military. Seller Concessions do not include payment of the borrowers closing cost, or payment of points as appropriate to the market.

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The VA offers both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. The most common and most common and most stable of the two being the fixed rate. The only variables that would change your payment are real estate taxes, insurances related to the home and any association fees if they apply.

Required Documents Every Veteran Should Have

An adjustable rate mortgage can fluctuate based on different indices and margins which are added to the given index that the loan is based on. Adjustable rate loans can have an initial fixed term from years, then adjust each year thereafter. This product is best used when you anticipate not keeping the property for more than the initial fixed term as the interest rate can be volatile depending on a number of factors once the adjustment period begins.

There are rate caps to protect the borrower from significant increases. In other words, if the rate was 4. Qualifying for a VA loan required that we verify your income, assets and credit history.

Complete Guide for Veteran Seniors |

There is one debt-to-income ratio that must be calculated. Debt ratio is only one facet that is considered. Fixed loan payments may be excluded if there are 10 months or less payments remaining.