The Wooden Children of Saba

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What book are you reading now? Under the growing cloud of darkness that seeks to envelop the earth, Mwenda and his sister Kendi meet a mysterious goat herder and are catapulted into the past, almost years back in time. Children of Saba recreates the glory and majesty of a prodigious continent, appealing to lovers of the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings series. It is the untold story of Africa, one that re-imagines the legacy of a vast ancient race responsible for throwing giant shadows upon the dawn of time.

The Wooden Children of Saba

It is a chronicle that leaps beyond the boundaries of the present and transcends the parameters of the origins of the Earth. What were your inspirations for the book? This people of antiquity, also known as the Meru, have disappeared from the annals of modern history yet their legacy reverberates through time. When the curtain of history was lifted, the civilisation of Egypt was hoary with age, rich languages, complex systems of religion, and astounding architectural achievement — proof that the earth is older than we perceive.

The story of what lay behind Egypt fascinated the whole ancient world for it was clear to all ancient philosophers that their culture did not originate upon the Lower Nile. Who then was her teacher?

The Egyptians of old themselves claimed that their ancestors were strangers who in very remote times settled on the bank of the Nile, bringing with themselves the civilisation of their mother country, the art of writing and a polished language. Exploring who they were and could have been greatly inspired and excited me and I sought to bring their story to life. Thus the Epic of Aphrike was born.

The main characters in Children of Saba are teenagers —what ages will the book appeal to? The main characters are just under While the book is written mainly from their perspective, it also features strong supporting adult characters who become their guides through their spiritual and physical journey through time, emotional growth and their surrender to wisdom. With its storylines full of adventure and intrigue, the book will charm young adults but I also believe it has a strong appeal to adults. I stand on the shoulders of giants.

The book is the first in the series. How many more books are planned? There are two more books planned.

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The second is Heirs of Kush , which tells of how the Munene twins are drawn back into the ongoing eternal battle that rages in the skies and cosmos above them. Their ancestral family line was chosen to guard a great secret but one of their own, weighed down by its burden, spoke carelessly … and someone was listening.

Traveling to the third dimension of time, the twins seek the First Men of the ancient world, the forgotten wise men of the Golden Age, to consult them on how to overcome their now more powerful enemy who has returned to earth and taken it hostage.

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